Discover how to customize yoga to suit your needs. Explore six
progressive lessons with Linda Howard and her students. Clear
demonstrations and explanations, methods of adaptation and
step-by-step instructions will lead you to the right yoga for you.

Easing Into Yoga helps:
  1. - Reduce the impact of stress

  2. - Develop muscle flexibility & strength

  3. - Chase away nagging back and joint pains

  4. - Minimize the effects of injuries

  5. - Balance repetitive movement of work or hobbies

  6. - Age gracefully in the best health possible

  7. - Keep you and your baby safe while practicing yoga

  8. - Practice yoga with confidence if you are overweight or sedentary

  9. - Begin or return to yoga with specifics on alignment & adaptations

  10. - Improve life with a chronic condition:

  11. Arthritis – Fibromyalgia – Diabetes – Parkinson’s – MS
Join the growing number of people from all walks of life in all stages
of health, who are Easing Into Yoga to feel better and live well.

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